Flinders University Hockey Club is run by dedicated volunteers who work hard to ensure fees are as affordable as possible each year. Our fee structure is reviewed annually and will be updated before the start of each season. If you have any questions or queries regarding how to make payments or you want to learn more about our fee structure, please email the Treasurer: treasurer@flindershockey.org

A membership fee amount will be charged to all members based on the categories in the table below.

Fees Total

FUHC FEEHSA FEETotalFlinders Student Discount
Full time student/Apprentice
(Proof of concessions may be required)
$430.00$125.00$555.00Flinders University Students may be be entitled to $50 discount*
Senior or Non full time student$530.00$125.00$655.00
Senior + Masters$845.00$125.00$970.00

Fee Instalments

PRIOR TO Round 1

PRIOR TO Round 4

PRIOR TO Round 8


Full time student/Apprentice
(Proof of concessions may be required)
Senior or Non full time student$200.00$200.00$130.00$530.00
Senior + Masters$300.00$300.00$245.00$845.00

Flinders Uni Club Discounts:


Discount Applicable

Flinders University Discount Program

*All current (full time & part time) Flinders University students may apply for a $50 discount off the fees above. The application will need to include the applicable form (available in the Alan Mitchell Sports Centre) to be filled in and supplied to the club treasurer. Upon approval by the University to fund the student discount a $50 reduction will be applied to their payable fees. The discount will be applied to the last payment in the payment schedule upon approval.

Life member

Life members may pay as if they were a full time student in the above FUHC fee schedule

Goalie with own gear

$180 discount to applicable membership schedules above

Umpiring coordinator

Free registration is available to the individual who nominates and completes their responsibilities as umpiring coordinator.

First time club member

A $50 discount is available for members who sign up with Flinders Uni Hockey Club for their first year. This discount must be confirmed with the club treasurer. This discount will be available on the last payment in the instalment schedules above or on the first payment if all fees are paid upfront


Discounts or payments will be negotiated with the club on an ad-hoc basis. Payments to coaches depends on the clubs available funding and the desires of the coach.


All registered members are required to pay a $125.00 yearly insurance fee per player to Hockey SA.
This amount is payable to Hockey SA via credit card or Paypal when you register online, in addition to the club fees above.

Link to register and pay insurance: https://www.revolutionise.com.au/flindersunihc/registration/?fbclid=IwAR36LuQD7qbAiMOMrLf1FhdOTnWt1egk4UP9rhL5QGY4wwN9FsXFvDFucPM

Pitch Fees

The fees detailed above now cover this cost. Players are will no longer be required to pay weekly pitch fees on game day.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Players may not be permitted to start or continue playing after these dates if they have feesoutstanding.
  2. We accept any education institution but players may be asked to produce a student card.
  3. Members may apply to the committee for additional payment terms. This needs to be communicated and approved by the Treasurer prior to Round 1.
  4. Any intent on applying for a discount must be communicated and approved by the Treasurer prior to Round 1.

Fee Payment

Acc Name: Flinders University Hockey Club
BSB: 015-220
Acc #: 6150-01149
Reference : Your Name - Item

FUHC Membership Fees can be paid via direct deposit into the club account or via debit card via the club treasurer (David Edwards). If there are any questions or if you have any issues with paying either registration or fees, please email the Treasurer.