At Flinders University Hockey club, we want to present every student the opportunity to either try the sport for the first time, or allow veterans to continue engaging in the hockey community. To achieve this, we want to help students as much as we can by providing a number of benefits if you come play for our club.

Full time students who play for our club will be given financial support in the form of discounted fees, to help with the upfront costs of the sport. We hope this will encourage students to not feel excluded simply because of tight income. For more information, check out our fees page.

We also present numerous opportunities for you to get involved to help your career development before you graduate. Some opportunities include getting involved in the committee, umpiring roles and other volunteering roles. Everything you need to help you get your first job after you graduate.

But I don't go to Flinders University, does that exclude me from these opportunities? Absolutely not, we pride ourselves in that we are inclusive of all students, no matter what educational institution you attend and we welcome you with open arms.

If you have any more information, please get in touch with our student representative [email protected]